Nutritional Programs

1. Weekly Kickstart Health Workshop

2. Weight Loss for Life

3. Individualized Nutrition

4. 90 Day Group Spring Rejuvenation Program

My personalized programs benefit from the latest research and science as well as ancient traditional medicine. By attending many conferences each year and being a doctoral candidate in a highly accredited university, I bring my passion of health and nutrition to each client. Truly, the most powerful things you can do for your health, vitality and longevity involve lifestyle medicine. This lifestyle medicine teaches us that 70-90% of what influences our health are modifiable factors that you can control like: diet, exercise, toxin avoidance, and stress reduction. Probably the top factor influencing our health is the food we choose to eat.  So, we need to choose our food wisely and choose according to our unique needs. Food is the tool our bodies use to grow, heal and repair. It keeps the cells reproducing properly. It keeps the nervous system working as it was designed to function. In fact, most all ailments, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet can benefit from proper nutritional support. By dedicating my career to learning about using food and nutrients as medicine, we together work to help you be healthy as possible.

Sometimes change is not easy and knowing what to do is not as clear as we would like it to be.  That is where I would like to help you. Together, we utilize the same cutting edge technology that is used by the most prestigious clinics. Together, we review your lab evaluations and we may order more if we decide that it is necessary. I also take an in-depth lifestyle and health assessments, the most advanced nutritional evaluation available today. The body is magnificent and tells us what it needs in so many ways.  The skin, the hair, the fingernails, the mouth, and even the eyes can tell us so much.  Throughout history, healers have been trained to read the body and now I combine that with the latest technology to provide you with the best nutritional health care available.  With all my clients/patients, I provide personalized programs for your unique needs. Menus, recipes, the highest quality nutritional supplements, email support, in person/phone/video appointments, will all guide and encourage you every day, every step of the way. 


1. Deb's  30 Day Workshop
for a Healthier Life

Deb is finishing her doctorate in nutrition (can I say Wahooooo!!!!!!) in just a few weeks and is ready to start getting Van Wert area as healthy as healthy can be & have fun at the same time.

Starting Tuesday, May 30th (the day after Memorial Day) at 6:30 she is having weekly health classes to help you make those changes you have been meaning to make. Make it easy- peazy and fun!

Little changes make a big difference, so lets get going- together. 

* DECIDE to detox the sugar monster and be free once and for all * fit into all your favorite clothes* feel 29 again * less inflammation and achiness * lower cholesterol * lower blood pressure * lower blood sugar * get more fit * turn back the clock *FEEL MORE JOY *feel the best you have in years and I want us to have FUN doing it!

Step by step.  Show and tell:  WOOOOW!!! Look at what all we are going to cover:

  • Lifestyle medicine at its best and easiest
  • Detox Recipes for fabulous, easy- to- fix foods
  • Detox Menus that are quick and easy
  • Cooking tips and techniques for the busy family
  • Meditation, prayer and the power of positive thought                              
  • Toxin avoidance with essential oils for homemade household cleaners and personal products
  • Non toxic make-up that is effective (you know- smoke and mirrors:)
  • Fitness programs- yoga, weight training, aerobic- Set your SMART goal and achieve it
  • Stress busting tools- easy as 1-2-3
  • You will have a health buddy to keep you on track
  • Learn how to boost mitochondrial function- say WHAT??? 

Don't make it tough- make it easy- peazy and fun!

30 days from now, you can feel better, look better and be headed toward a longer life! Slip into those smaller clothes. Have more energy to enjoy the longer summer days. Click off that TV and enjoy life to its fullest! 

TODAY is the day.  Choose to make a difference.

This is a workshop, so you will be taking home lots of solid- actionable- information that will make it easy to make changes in your life immediately. You will be supported every day and every week.

Workshop starts: 
Tuesday May 30. 6:30 (the day after Memorial Day)
Wednesday, June 7, 6:30 (will be recorded if you miss it)
Tuesday, June 13, 6:30
Tuesday, June 20th, 6:30

A little party at every class
Sound like fun?  Need to make changes? This may be the most important step you take this year.
Today is the best time to take a step to a healthier 'you' in 2017.  
You get it all for only $99
Space is limited so, sign up today.




2. Weight Loss for Life

My signature program has helped over a thousand people successfully take off excess weight, preserve muscle and feel fantastic! This program is a result of decades of research and a combination of a scientific food sensitivity elimination diet combined low level ketosis which together assures you a quick and effective method of losing dangerous unwanted body fat while maintaining vital muscle mass. It is not uncommon to lose between 5-10 pounds the first week followed by 2-4 pounds a week thereafter.  It is a food-based program (no pills, powders, potions or dehydrated expensive meals) that requires 3 meals each day with up to an additional 4 snacks.  You should NEVER be hungry.
Your food provides all necessary protein, carbohydrates, fat and nutrients. No hunger and no cravings are what you can expect while on the program. Most importantly, I make sure you have the skills necessary to keep the weight off before we finish working together. 

2 Month Program $499

Personalized, frequent emails, tips, motivation, education, menus, recipes


Continuation of Weight Loss Program

Ongoing- $99 per month or 3 months $250


3. Individualized Nutrition

Cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and other common chronic diseases benefit from individualized nutrition. 


Digestive Health

Gut health is essential for vibrant health and longevity.  Digestive wellness doesn't just include common gastrointestinal disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Digestive imbalances can affect the body systemically, from the top of the head- dandruff, migraines and brain fog, to skin issues and energy conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  With my expert guidance on the newest advances in testing and diagnosis, nutrition, and natural therapies we can get at the core reason for your faulty digestion and help you feel better from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.


Brain Nutrition

Nutrition is a key element of a healthy brain. Your neurons need quality nutrients in the right balance to function properly. Diet and lifestyle is foundationally essential to stave off advanced aging or assure the best outcome in disease. There are fantastic advances in nutritional neurology that can benefit Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, memory loss, concussions, or mild cognitive impairment that leaves you wondering every time you misplace your car keys. Now is the best time to give your neurons the essential nutrition so that you can enjoy life to its fullest for the longest time possible. 


Inflammation is at the root cause of most chronic disease. Auto immune, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, thyroid disorders, skin disorders, lung disorders, brain and neurological disorders and so much more. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a big contributing factor, nutritional imbalances and lifestyle factors also are players in the epidemic of chronic disease. Integrative and Functional nutrition/medicine focuses on the root cause of disease and works well with any medical interventions that are necessary. Many times we find that the healthier the body gets, the less medication is required. If you want to feel better, younger, more fit, more flexible, let's work together to correct and restore balance in your body. 

Hormonal Health

This area is near and dear to my heart.  I struggled with this and faced the possibility of a total hysterectomy at age 22. I went on to have three perfect, naturally-born children that life would be unimaginable without.  I understand the emotions, struggles and I personally worked out some of the answers that science now has research to support. I use the the latest research to provide the highest standard of nutrition care to help correct many conditions of infertility. Struggle no more, put fear aside, and lets see what miracles nutrition and lifestyle medicine can do for you, too. 

All Appointments, evaluations, personalized program, frequent emails, tips, motivation, education, menus, recipes

If needed, 3rd party lab tests are extra

3 Month Program $499

Introductory Special $399


4. 90 DAY Rejuvenation

ffmkd8dm7zw-blubel (1).jpg


Does this sound familiar?

·    You wake up feeling sluggish and your energy yo-yo’s all day and you have aches and pains

 ·    You have put on 5, 10, or even 25+ pounds and can’t lose it with diet and exercise

·    Craving and mood swings have become a daily frustration

·    Brain Fog!

·     Hormones are driving you (and your loved ones) crazy

·    Your skin lacks the glow that it once had- or is flakey and scaley

·    You struggle with gas, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, and heartburn, etc.

           Life today is full of toxins- our water, our air, unhealthy food, our homes, alcohol… And lifestyle factors like lack of sleep and stress doesn’t help.  Toxins are everywhere and your body starts to feel the effects sooner or later.

           This program is like hitting the ‘reset’ button on your body.  In less time than you can imagine, you’ll be astonished at how great you look and feel.

 Help is here with diet, recipes, and daily coaching. I am here for the entire 90 days. 

 90- day Rejuvenation

·    Lose Excess Weight (And Keep It Off)- this launch of my 90 Day Rejuvenation will incorporate my latest research on boosting metabolism by resetting your hormones to help you release unwanted toxic fat.

·    Look and Feel Younger- Detoxing recalibrates your body’s ability to absorb nutrient dense foods and eliminate more toxins, making it nature’s ‘fountain of youth'.

·    Sleep Like A Log, Wake Up Refreshed And Have More Energy For Life- When your body isn’t working so hard to process heavy foods and toxins, you may experience a clean, quiet energy that lasts all day.

·    Smile BIG (And More Often)- Cleansing this way releases the happy brain chemical of serotonin and dopamine, both of which boost your mood BIG TIME

What you can expect:

  1. One hour initial conference to review personal health history, needs and goals
  2. Personal questionnaires, toxin exposure evaluation  
  3. Food Plan Comprehensive Guide
  4. Food Plan Weekly Planner and Recipes
  5. Food Plan- Personalized
  6. Diet, Nutrition, Lifestyle Daily Journal
  7. Personal fitness advice and help setting goals, if appropriate  
  8. Personalized Supplement Recommendations, online access and discounts
  9. Frequent emails, providing recipes, menus, support, and motivation
  10. Monthly review: 30-minute personal video conference appointment
  11. Cooking instruction
  12. Personalized, daily emails, tips, motivation, education, menus, recipes
  13. As a private client you will have access to Deb's email and phone number to ask her questions throughout the 90 days- your personal nutritionist.

90 Day Rejuvenation - $299