90 Day Rejuvenation

Resolutions to make healthy lifestyle changes can begin anytime you are ready but you need to have a plan and a program to make them stick. These resolutions usually fail within a few days because we lack a plan and we lack support.  I want to be here to support you and give you a fantastic, cutting edge plan that will move you to having a much healthier and more fit  body in 2018. My 90-Day Rejuvenation is going and can start anytime to support you for 90 days in making the healthy changes that you want and need to make.  You can be ready for springtime and all the fantastic fun-filled long days that lie ahead in 2018.

Imagine how good your life would be if you could:

  1. Banish the gas and bloat
  2. Boost energy so you can enjoy all the fun 'extras' in life
  3. Beat the brain fog
  4. Be healthier and more fit
  5. Lose weight and save money when you  fit into all those smaller clothes in your closet
  6. Balance hormones- no more feeling fat, frumpy and frazzled
  7. Bully diabetes and save your heart, brain, kidneys, eyes and toes
  8. Toss the inflammation to the curb


  1. Initial 60 minute consulation for personalized '5 POINT' plan and POWER goal setting
  2. Weekly feedback and evaluation- personal feedback from Deb
  3. Monthly appointments (either in office or by phone)
  4. Be supported with recipes, menus, guidance and support so you don't have to struggle
  5. 30 minute meals that the family will love- easy- peasy
  6. Bulk recipes- 'cook once, enjoy many times'
  7. Personal exercise program and stress management plan
  8. Daily personalized emails
  9. Personalized supplement evaluation and recommendations
  10. Have a support system of a doctor of nutrition and lifestyle medicine to help you develop a plan, provide support and accountability along the way so that this time you achieve and maintain the changes

Sign up today and start rolling to a better state of health. You will have the plan and support to get you closer to your goals.  The diet and lifestyle support you have been looking for will be waiting for you in this 90 Day Rejuvenation and I look forward to helping you reach your goals as I have helped over a thousand before you. 

Did you know that 70-90% of your health is related to your diet and lifestyle?  Only less than 10% is attributed to genes.  Wow!  That is empowerment! Your daily choices can be powerful. Let me support you and show  you how to make the changes that can change your future health so you can enjoy the health and longevity that we all deserve.

Dr. Deb

90- Day Rejuvenation