Welcome To DebFord.com

My goal on this website is to provide you tools to improve your health. You can learn about and sign up for personalized weight loss or functional and integrative nutrition programs, download a free eBook, watch the videos, listen to podcasts and even purchase high quality professional supplements. Since not all my clients/patients are local and have access to my health food store, I have searched for quality supplement companies that are trustworthy and that I know follow the most stringent guidelines for purity and content.

Nutritional Programs

In addition to the weight loss program, you can choose a thorough and in-depth personal nutrition programs that utilizes state of the art, holistic, and evidenced-based approaches to health, addressing you as a whole person and getting at the root cause of your present condition. Together, we delve into your health history with a questionnaire, evaluate the your specific interaction between your genetics, environment and lifestyle, look at any labwork and results from a nutritional physical - all aspects that revealyour present health picture and future risk for chronic disease that will cause you to not live as fully as you were meant to live. With this multi-faceted approach, you will have all the tools and start building skills to help prevent and reverse chronic disease and help. This approach is what many feel is truly missing in health care today. 

Shop For Supplements

No time to come to my shoppe where you can trust the quality of supplements?  Feel free to trust the quality of what I provide here. The companies here are professional grade, tested for purity and potency, and used by other doctors. If you want help with choosing what to take, feel free to call me for an appointment and we can do a thorough evaluation of your specific needs.  By the way, have you had your yearly nutrition check-up?

Download Free Ebook

In this free eBook, 7 Steps for Health, Vitality and Quality, I provide you with evidence-based, cost effective and do-able tips that you can use to promote your health & longevity and what has been called the “rectangularization” of the life cycle. As a doctor of clinical nutrition, I focus on finding the cause of disease and imbalance, rather than just using drugs to mask the symptoms.

What this means for my clients/patients is, increased vitality and energy for daily life and hopefully, enhanced longevity.  In other words- instead of growing up then getting old and feeble, you go strong until you don’t go any more.  We like that! Right? Enjoying every moment rather than worrying about getting older!

Listen & Watch

Every week, I record our classes and radio/podcasts on topics of health, nutrition, and fitness. I will post them here for you to learn from and enjoy. Please let me know what you think and feel free to send me requests for topics of concern.