Nutritional programs need to be personalized.  A cookie cutter approach just doesn't work because we are all different.  Age, gender, genetics, biochemistry, personal goals, level of ability and so much more goes into a personalized approach to treat the underlying cause of health concerns. The Elimination Diet will help find the best diet to follow and potential food triggers. 


The ketogenic diet is the hot new trending diet.  Is it good or not?  Well, yes and no.  It really depends on how you do it.  This podcast will give the pros and the cons, what to watch out for and different conditions that it may benefit.  Dr. Deb has used the ketogenic diet for about 15 years, using it successfully for epilepsy, weight loss, and to improve cognitive function and she believes it can be a very helpful dietary approach for many conditions.


If you suffer from high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood sugar, or just increased belly fat, you probably have metabolic syndrome and this may be the program for you to treat, reverse or even cure your condition.


For health, it is important to look to the past to learn from our mistakes and our successes, while looking to the future for how we can set goals to improve ourselves. But for health, we can learn from the 'Blue Zones' of the world. These areas teach us that being part of a community and having good relationships may be as important as a good diet. 


There are simple things we can do every day to help assure good physical and mental health.  Diet and specialized nutrition, exercising the brain by learning new things, exercising the body to release brain building factors, managing stress (including sleep hygeine), and avoiding toxins are essential steps to build health, vitality and longevity. 


The Good Earth now proudly carrying products from Seven Sons, an area farm that raises the highest quality meat, poultry and eggs.  Raising the animals on organic pastures in touch with the balance of nature assures the healthiest products we can feed our family.