Deborah Ford DCN RDN CCN NP

Deborah Ford DCN RDN CCN NP

Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing is based on the acupuncture energy fields of the body and can be useful to catch imbalances before they get a foothold and become a bigger problem.  Dr. Ford has studied reflex analysis for over 40 years and has found it to be invaluable and a very efficient way to determine specific nutrition needs.

Weight Loss for Life- the keto way

6 sessions for $499! How good can you feel about yourself in 6 weeks or so? Initial session plus 5 education and support sessions can help get you there.

Dr Deborah Ford has utilized the ketogenic diet with over 1500 clients in the last 14 years with outstanding results. You can enjoy delicious foods and the flexibility that can fit a rich social life.

Are you ready to:

  • stop starving and eat real food

  • conquer the sugar monster

  • banish brain fog

  • improve muscle mass & kick up metabolism

  • enjoy restaurants and a fun social life

  • learn what foods make you fat

  • be proud of how you look and have a brighter outlook

  • ban the bloated feeling

  • take it off- once and for all!

90 Day Reboot

Need help and don’t know where to turn? Have a diagnosis that requires medicines with scary side effects? Feeling stressed and not sleeping well? Too tired to think about having fun after work? Most of the people that sign up for this 90-Day Reboot have some major challenges to their health but some just aren’t satisfied with mediocre health and vitality. Along the 90 days I hear wonderful feedback like:

• The brain fog is 85-90% better

• The rashes are gone

• My digestion is so regular

• My energy is so good, I have gotten 5 hours back at the end of the day

• My doctor took me off off --- (medicine)

• I don’t need any medicine anymore

• My coworker told me I ‘glowed’

• I need to change my appointment because I am going to exercise with my daughter

This is a personalized one-on-one program via video conference, phone or in person, that includes an individualized menu, recipes, exercise program, 30 minute meals, personalized daily emails, weekly feedback, lifestyle evaluation and prescription for areas that need support. This is a true holistic approach, meeting where you are at and guiding you to where you want to be. Body, mind and spirit. When you ready to make the changes, this can make it happen.

General Consultation

Are you confused and need information from a professional? In this half hour, general advice and opinions will be offered based on the latest evidence based research and experience.

Need a reboot with a healthy dose of motivational talk and a plan to follow? This is for you.