Here are a few of the results :

"GOAL MET! Thank you so much!!  Feeling better than I have in years.  Can’t even begin to describe the difference your program & support has meant.  You are truly a gifted blessing from God in this world of nutritional commercial warfare."

“My goal was to reduce medicines, be happier, less stressed, lose weight, and have better relationships with my kids.  Dr. Deb Ford’s program was so thorough that I was able to all this and more.”

"After complaining about bad gas and diarrhea symptoms since 2010 after radiation and chemotherapy, I first started keeping a health diary, and trying over the counter meds, probiotics, then eliminating foods, taking medicines like Venlafaxine and Budesonide, to no avail. I was put on Viberzi in 2016 that relieved my symptoms, but is very expensive and has side effects.  
In March of 2017 I started working Dr. Deb Ford and although other things improved, my digestion didn’t. So, in May, we ran some diagnostic tests and after reviewing the results, she prescribed supplements and within a few weeks, my gut was back to normal for the first time in 7 years!"

"I struggled with sinusitis, fatigue and digestive problems since I had Epstein- Barr virus and I was always worried about the family history of breast cancer, especially after having a lump biopsied several years ago. I did Dr. Deb Ford’s 90 program and all these improved. I know I have a ways to go, but I no longer need to nap every day, my digestion is great and rarely do I have sinus problems.  Now, if only I could get my husband to join me on this program.”

“Dr. Deb Ford is a great coach and nutritionist.  Following her plan I dropped 54 pounds (32 in the first 6 weeks)."