Digestive Health Program


Digestion Solution- Ford Foundational 4 Week Food Program
    The impact that the digestive tract has on our whole body is undeniable.  Our weight, our immunity, our physical and even our emotional health can all lead back to how well our digestive tract is functioning. Researchers from many areas are calling it ‘metabolic endotoxemia’ when the gut at the very core of many of our present day chronic diseases. 
This program is going to help you address the major causes of digestive illness and show you how to easily incorporate strategies to live in beautiful harmony rather than in chaotic discord and imbalance.   
Recent estimations indicate that 30 percent of American women suffer from digestive complaints and this increases at every turn.  These problems include:
   Irritable Bowel
   Gas, Bloating
   SIBO (Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth)
   Leaky Gut (intestinal permeability)

And yes, may even be related to:
    Autoimmune Diseases

        Last but not least- WEIGHT GAIN
It may be triggered by stress, overuse of antibiotics, C-section birth, bottle fed, having things ‘too clean’

We have a hollow tube within that impacts our health. Heal the gut and help lose those problems! When you think about it, our digestive tract is a hollow tube that starts at the mouth and weaves through our abdomen, ending up at the anus. It is designed to bring food from the outside world to meet up inside our digestive tract with our enzymes, digestive juices and the microbiome of bacteria inside us to help us extract all the nutrients and protect us from bacteria and parasites or other unfriendly bugs. This outside world is only a mucus layer away from our bloodstream so the gut bacteria serve as a very effective part of our immune system.