Hormonal Health Program


If you are feeling FAT, FRUMPY and FRAZZLED- it’s not your fault!  You need to balance your hormones naturally.

My personal history of PCOS, facing a total hysterectomy at age 22, insulin resistance, elevated cortisol, thyroid disruption… basically “hormone hell” led me on a journey to discover a more integrated approach to hormonal health – one that blends Eastern and Western philosophies to address the root cause of hormonal imbalance and other health issues.

Hormones ‘R’ US is the result of years of research and testing on what really moves the compass to head true north for women’s health – from puberty, to motherhood, to menopause, and to our radiant elder years.

It isn’t rocket science that reveals that no two women are alike and each approach needs to be individualized. Using a very scientific 3 prong natural approach, we  work together to change your life and get your sparkle back!  Real lifestyle management stuff!  Life in the 21st century can play havoc with our delicate female hormone balance.  Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Cortisol, Thyroid, Pregnenolone and more- all in balance makes for a beautiful song.  But, when out of balance- whoa!  It makes only noise that can drive you and everyone around you just a little crazy. You are not Prozac or Zanax deficient.

Hormones affect everything about how we look at life, how we interact with those around us, how we think, the words we choose, even the colors we choose to wear, how much (or little) we sleep, our mood, our outlook, our appetite, our skin, our hair, our energy, our libido, our memory, our enthusiasm for life!  Balance your hormones, take back your life.

I am so excited to share this information with you! It’s my life’s work and passion to improve health through natural and proven options.

Women today are experiencing a depressing drought, and I believe that climate change is needed. I’m here to guide you when you decide to join me in changing it naturally. This is your chance to change your direction to get your life flowing again.

FINALLY! A simple, effective, straightforward program to help women who have been struggling with weight, fatigue, stress, or imbalance to feel happier, more sparkly, sexier, lighter, and full of energy. It is based on your specific hormone imbalance and  it'ss super easy to follow, identify symptoms, start making changes FAST and designed to get you feeling better than you have in years. Plus, it delivers tools to keep the momentum going for a lifetime including…

1. Make hormones work FOR you, not AGAINST you
2. Cortisol- Become an ideal hormone specimen
3. Progesterone- Defeat low ‘P’ blues
4. Balance P/E- Lose weight, be happy
5. Testosterone- Get rid of zits, cysts, and rogue hairs
6. Thyroid-lose weight, gain energy, end burnout
7. Deal with multiple imbalances
8. Ensure that small changes yield big results 

Suggestions for tweaking your food, exercise and supplementation routine that will have you feeling lighter, sexier, less moody and more sparkly than you have in years.


• Happy-  Hop up your happy brain chemicals &  happy hormones-naturally
• Energy- Dozens of techniques and strategies to help double your energy
• Stress-  Exact steps to handle life and stressors better
• Sleep-   Learn how to sleep restoratively and waking rested and ready
• Skinny- What to do (and what to avoid) when you’re trying to lose weight

Additional non-invasive lab tests are required.