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Deborah Ford DCN, RDN

Your Doctor Of Clinical Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine


90-Day Personal Program



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Dear struggling friend,

If you are troubled with pain, fatigue, brain fog, mental focus issues, excess weight, sleep problems, digestive problems, inability to deal with stress, autoimmune conditions, thyroid, hormone imbalances or any of an alphabet of conditions that take away your joy of life?

Ø  If you are in fear of your next doctor's visit because of high cholesterol or high blood sugar

Ø  If you are you tired of going to doctors that only want to give you another pill, another medication, but not correct an underlying problem

Ø  If you have 10,20, 30 or more pounds of excess weight that keeps you from wearing those clothes that you have outgrown

Ø  If you suffer from digestive problems like embarrassing gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea and always need to know where the bathroom is

Ø  If you feel mentally foggy and worry about dementia that you believe ‘runs in your family’

Feeling fat, frumpy and frazzled?

Let’s get together and start fixing it today.

First of all… It’s not your fault!

My program has proven to get results and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Here are just some of the participant’s results of my last group program:

·      Reduced belly fat

·      Loved eating the right foods and the right combinations to feel terrific!

·      Felt less stress so that they could relax and enjoy living

·      71% had better sleep and felt restored and ready to meet the day

·      78% felt emotionally stronger with much less anxiety and stress

·      and most importantly ….all were feeling better.

The results were so terrific that I presented them in a scientific poster session as part of my doctoral program. The presentation garnered rave reviews from the other professionals in the audience.  I wanted to do it again, with improvements.

I have been in the nutrition field for over 40 years and my lifelong passion is to help people live healthier lives and increase vitality and longevity. I know that change is hard, that is why I am here to support you all along the way.

Be sure to reserve your seat in the next 90-day program. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or you have some medical conditions, a targeted, personalized nutrition program plays a key roll in getting you back to feeling terrific.

I am not here to replace your primary care physician, I am here to work with them toward your health goals.  My doctorate in in clinical nutrition, I am not a medical doctor. We each have our specialties.

Here are more great results from the last group:

“My goal was to reduce medicines, be happier, less stressed, lose weight, and have better relationships with my kids.  Dr. Deb Ford’s program was so thorough that I was able to all this and more.”

And another:

“After complaining about bad gas and diarrhea symptoms since 2010 after radiation and chemotherapy, I first started keeping a health diary, and trying over the counter meds, probiotics, then eliminating foods, taking medicines like Venlafaxine and Budesonide, to no avail. I was put on Viberzi in 2016 that relieved my symptoms, but is very expensive and has side effects. 

In March of 2017 I started working Dr. Deb Ford and although other things improved, my digestion didn’t. So, in May, we ran some diagnostic tests and after reviewing the results, she prescribed supplements and within a few weeks, my gut was back to normal for the first time in 7 years!


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90-Day Personal Program

Here is how you and I begin to change you life:

·      Detailed health and lifestyle questionnaires to help determine where you need the most support

·      100+ pages of recipes, menus and usable information that answers all your questions so that you face the day with confidence

·      Individualized custom program

·      60-90 minute kick-start session- in office, video conference, or phone

·      Monthly 30 minute appointments- in office, video conference, or phone

·      Personalized exercise program designed around your goals

·      Personalized diet program designed around your goals

·      Menus, recipes and meal plans so you don’t have to stress about it

·      Direct email access to me for the whole 90 days.  I am your personal nutritionist at your beckon call

·      Weekly evaluation and feedback

·      Weekly Live Webinar sessions with targeted special topic of interest

·      Private Facebook page for support and sharing

·      Daily personalized emails with tips, recipes, motivation, and education

·      2 minute stress busting tools

·      10 minute exercise tool so even on the busiest days, you can get fit

·      Recommended proven grocery lists

·      Calendars to keep you on track

·      And so much more!

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 Some recent clients share:

“I struggled with sinusitis, fatigue and digestive problems since I had Epstein- Barr virus and I was always worried about the family history of breast cancer, especially after having a lump biopsied several years ago. I did Dr. Deb Ford’s 90 program and all these improved. I know I have a ways to go, but I no longer need to nap every day, my digestion is great and rarely do I have sinus problems.  Now, if only I could get my husband to join me on this program.”

And another from a nationally known actor/comedian who was a real livewire to work with:

“Dr. Deb Ford is a great coach and nutritionist.  Following her plan I dropped 54 pounds (32 in the first 6 weeks).  I suggest you give yourself over to it for a few weeks and then assess your results.  I like to tell people “I hired a nutritionist to tell me not to eat like a 12 year old.”

There is hope


There is help

Don’t live in fear of disease. Get back in the driver’s seat for a journey along the path to a healthier life.

In the past, some of us have purchased terrific programs that have gone on to gather dust on the shelf.  What is missing in those programs? It’s the personal touch that provides support and requires accountability.  I will be right with you along the way over the entire 90 days.  I am your personal nutritionist and coach. I will guide you.

This is your moment of opportunity to hop on this program and TAKE BACK YOUR HEALTH and your life.

I want to make this do-able and affordable for you.

We only go this way once and we better make the most of it.

This is the day you begin looking forward to…..

Ø  Waking up full of energy and feeling great

Ø  Feeling more hopeful and positive

Ø  Enjoying great digestion

Ø  Having great mental clarity and memory

Ø  Enjoy relationships more

Ø  Sleeping better

Ø  Having less stress

Ø  Needing less medicine. 

As a doctor of clinical nutrition, I am here to support you. I will be right along side you for the entire 90 days.

So, if you are ready, so am I! This is going to be a fantastic 90 days of growth and opportunity.  You are sure to feel rejuvenated and confident.  I can hardly wait to see how excited you become when you begin seeing the changes in how you look and feel. 

Wishing you the best, most vital, life you can imagine,

Dr. Deb

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

About Deb video here

Video idea:

Welcome and thank you for taking a minute to see who I am and why I do what I do. I opened a health food store in 1976 , in search of health, as I had struggled with my own for what seemed like, my whole life.  I mean, really, who would open a health food store when they are 20?  Most people are living it up.  But, As a child, I was sick.  I had constant painful infections that sent me to specialists, sometimes  twice a month for 10 years of devastating antibiotic use that, of course, ruined my gut and further derailed my health. Then as a young woman, I had serious ovarian cysts that my doctor wanted to cure by a total hysterectomy.  Oh what a tearful day.  Thank heaven, I declined and healed myself with natural methods and went on to have three children.

All my degrees and certifications come from my love of learning and turning all the stones over to find all the best methods that work to help the body heal itself. I passionately believe that the body has a built in - innate-  ability to heal itself, and we just must find the barriers to health and remove them so the body is free to heal. Truly, proper food is the best medicine but there are other things that affect health - stress, toxins, hormones, infections, gut health, genetics to name a few things that I work with on each person.  I don’t believe anything is incurable. 

3 of my heros /sheros are

Dr. Dean Ornish who reverses heart disease with diet and lifestyle.  

Dr. Terry Wahls She was diagnosed with progressive Multiple Sclerosis - that cannot ever go into remission - she, with diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle has reversed her disease.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, the author of ‘The End of Alzheimer’s”.  That says it all, doesn’t it?

 All of these doctors refused to believe things were incurable and went on to show that the body can heal if given the right tools. We just must remove the barriers to healing and support the body with what it needs.

I cannot imagine how different my life would be if I hadn’t found a different path of healing and because I was able to triumph over my health issues, I have dedicated my career to helping others. I did it and I absolutely believe that you can too.  Really, some of my greatest joys in life are helping people with health challenges restore their health. Whether it is weight loss, digestive problems, depression, diabetes, brain fog, inflammation, stress, anxiety /depression, hormone imbalances, or the endless alphabet list of diseases, nutrition and lifestyle medicine are the fundamental places to begin building health. When you can overcome health struggles, it allows you to live your life more fully, play with your kids, enjoy your intimate relationships, laugh with your friends and to have longevity and vitality to the very end.  What can be better that to be able to really embrace the gift of life fully without fatigue or discomfort?  

If you are looking for a more personal approach and ready to take action, join my 90-Day Take Back Your Health program. Get Started today.>>>

Thanks for listening,



Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine


I hate to borrow an old tired phrase, “WAIT, there’s more!!!!!” But, there really IS more.

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