Deborah Ford DCN RDN CCN NP

Deborah Ford DCN RDN CCN NP

Nutrition      Check Up

Have you had your nutritional check up this year? Schedule a professional review of supplements, medications, potential interactions, nutritional blood work evaluation, contact reflex analysis, and receive a nutritional physical that includes  iris, tongue, nails, skin, ear and a dietary check up.  Your body is whispering its nutritional needs. Learn how to listen. We get dental check ups, medical check ups and car tune ups. By regularly scheduling a nutritonal check up, you can catch imbalances before they get a foothold and become a bigger problem.  HIPAA compliant video conference available. 

Based on the findings, you will receive:
o    Personal supplement analysis/ recommendations
o    Personal lifestyle analysis and recommendations
o    Personal food plan and recommendation- more than 100 pages

For a limited time, only $150


Weight Loss for Life- the keto way

Dr Deborah Ford has utilized the ketogenic diet with over 1500 clients in the last 14 years with outstanding results. Enjoy delicious healthy foods and flexibility that can fit a rich social life. There is no starving or deprivation while melding off the excess weight and preserving muscle mass and metabolism.


90 Day VIP Program

One on one personalized program via video conference, phone or in person, that includes sample menus, recipes, exercise program, 30 minute meals, personalized daily emails, weekly food log evaluation, lifestyle evaluation and prescription for areas that need support. Also includes comprehensive initial consult, bi-weekly follow up consults and weekly feedback and several webinars.