Weight Loss Program


This is my signature program is a result of decades of research and it the program I have used to help over a thousand people to lose that stubborn and unhealthy weight once and for all. The program is a combination of a scientific food sensitivity elimination diet combined low level ketosis which together assures you a quick and effective method of losing dangerous unwanted body fat while maintaining vital muscle mass. 
It is not uncommon to lose between 5-10 pounds the first week followed by 2-4 pounds a week thereafter.  
It is a food-based program that I love! I continue to tweak it so that it can be used by all walks of life. Single, married, whether you like to cook or like to eat out, this can work for you! Whether you need to lose 15 or 150 pounds, this progam works and best of all, in the course of the program, you will find the best diet for you for a lifetime! 
No hunger and no cravings are what you can expect while on the program.